Integrative Psychiatry Clinic Information and Patient Care Policies

For Integrative Psychiatry Clinic Patients – What to Expect?

Dr. Tansey’s Office Hours: Monday-Friday, by appointment only.
Front Desk Hours:  Monday-Friday, 9:00-5:00.  Call us at 319-338-5190.

IMPORTANT Information for After-Hours/Weekends:
We are a consulting practice with business hours Monday-Friday.
There is no 24/7 physician call coverage for urgent care.

Safety and emergency plans are discussed with all active clients, including having established primary care providers and utilizing emergency and urgent care services in our community.  All patients have consented to this limited-access clinic format at the time of initiating care–with the initial intake and patient agreement form–to use the following emergency care plan:  calling 911, the 24-hour Iowa City Crisis Line at (319) 351-0140, the 24-hour Cedar Rapids Foundation 2 Crisis Line at (319) 362-2174, or presenting to their nearest emergency room. 

Cancellation Policy: 24-hour notice is required for appointment cancellations. A new patient who fails to show for the first appointment will not be rescheduled. If you are sick and it is less than 24 hours, please do call and cancel—there will be no charge for the missed appointment. If an appointment is missed for other reasons, there is a full charge for the missed session which will be billed to you. The time reserved for you is valuable—please respect clinic accessibility for all patients who need care.

Parking: If you park in any of the downtown ramps, the first hour is FREE!  If your time with us is longer than an hour, please ask for a voucher for an additional free hour of parking.

Before Your Appointment: Please review and complete the privacy, registration, and patient agreement forms, as found on this site, and bring the registration and agreement forms to your appointment. If there is medical information from other care provider offices that you would like Dr. Tansey to review, please have this mailed or faxed to our office as soon as possible before your appointment. Please review the billing practices of the office and be prepared to pay the fee for service at your appointment. Do call reception if you have any questions during this process.

Reception Area: Our reception area is a quiet and contemplative space, and reception services are here to welcome you. Guests in the waiting room may be there to receive any number of mind-body services from our providers, resulting in a uniquely comfortable and private area for our patients.

During Your Appointment: For new appointments, Dr. Tansey will focus on the concerns that bring you for care and obtain a past medical and medication history, family history, and narrative about your life goals and current wellness practices. A  treatment plan will be constructed together, towards the goals of care and recovery. Medications may be prescribed or simplified, but only as appropriate to shared treatment goals.

After Your Appointment: At the conclusion of your appointment time, Dr. Tansey will provide a receipt of services, if desired. Medical records generated from the appointment are not part of an Electronic Health Record, and are stored in hard copy, and double-locked on-site. Medical information is never released without the written consent of the patient, unless compelled by law, in which case, patients will be informed by Dr. Tansey in a manner that supports patient autonomy.

Pharmacy Needs: Patients are strongly encouraged to use one pharmacy for all their prescriptions, to facilitate good medical care. We require a 24-hour notice for all refill requests, and ask that you have your pharmacy fax the request to our office at 1-319-354-3718. Refills will not be provided for medications that are not prescribed by Dr. Tansey or for patients who are not receiving active care in her practice.