Wellness Workshops

Workshops, Retreats and Wellness Programs

“Virtue is not left to stand alone.  He who practices it will have neighbors.”Confucius 

Our experienced clinicians and instructors can help groups and businesses in wellness care and optimizing professionalism.  We specialize in addressing burnout, demoralization and distress, as well as building resilience, energy, creativity, and hope. Our approaches are practical, effective and enjoyable, drawing on the rigor of evidence-based care and the healing arts of wisdom traditions, customized to your organizational mission and needs.  At retreats hosted here at our studio, located in beautiful downtown Iowa City, or at sites around the country, we bring our fundamental commitment to the meaning-centered practices of compassion, courage, and authenticity to your unique objectives and teams.

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20160718-shunluoifong-walking-pipe copyThis is a small sampling of our customized lecture and workshop topics from our experts.  We specialize in integrative humanism.

 Reorienting from Demoralization and Burnout:  Building Hope and Purpose

Building Emotional Intelligence:  Self-Assessments and Process Groups

Meditation Practices
for Quiet Mind and Creativity

The Arts and Sciences of LIstening:  Practicing Hospitality

Story-Telling for Ethical Insight

A Mini-Retreat:
Contemplative Arts for Renewal  

Film and Literature: Coping with
Suffering and Existential Distress

Communicating with the Stranger:
Building Connection through Language and Presence

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