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Courses and Curricula in Professionalism, Communication and Ethics

Our courses, curricula and lectures are always customized to the needs and culture of the individual or organization. Our highly experienced instructors and coaches are committed to interdisciplinary rigor and respectful dialogue, honoring the ethical commitments of every profession as we explore communication patterns, codes of conduct, boundaries and roles, virtuous practices and character, moral distress, humanism, responsibility and resilience.  As a team, we have decades of collective experience supporting a variety of organizations, hospitals and clinics, non-profit groups, and the teaching and service-missions of higher education and other helping professions.

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Standing Together, UniquelyIndividual Professionalism Course: $2500 for individual course, can be done in-person or by distance-learning, includes 1-hour initial assessment, 6 topic-specific reading modules, each with one hour of discussion with the instructor, and a 1-hour final wrap-up session.  $325 for add-on modules if more than 6 topics are desired as part of the curriculum of study.  A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course, detailing the program of study.  **Note–Unlimited incorporation of these modules are available to clients in our Advocacy Track Coaching, for a flat rate of $325/module.

Groups of 2-8:  $500/module, or $2500 for 6 module curriculum, includes 1 hour teaching for each module.  $400 for add-on modules.

Groups of 9-15:  $600/module, or $3000 for 6 modules with teaching.  $500 for add-on modules.  Due to instructors’ preferences for facilitating group discussion, this option is not available for distance-learning.

Large Group Lectures:  $1500+/60-120 minutes, plus travel and expenses.  Discounts available when a lecture series is scheduled.  Half and Full-Day Workshops are also available.
More Options:  Wellness and Professional  Flourishing Workshops

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20+ Topical Themes to Spark Ideas

Ethics 101|Value Theory for Professionals
Therapeutic Roles|Boundary Crossings|Setting Limits
Professional Virtues|Compassion|Courage
Conflict Management|Mediation|Hostility in Workplace
Authenticity|Parameters of Responsibility and Autonomy
Assessing and Optimizing Decision-Making Capacity
Competence in Active Listening|Therapeutic Hospitality
Giving “Bad” News|Disclosing Errors
Critical Skills in Cross-Cultural Communication
Spirituality and Faith Traditions|Practice Challenges
Personalized Service Plans for Marginalized Populations
Social Media and Online Reviews|Ethics of Privacy and Reputation
Burnout|Moral Distress|Cynicism|Demoralization
Organization|Time Management|Work Efficiency Practices
Professionals as Personalities|Shame|Narcissism|Anger
Helping Impaired Peers|Protecting the Profession
Humanities for the Professional Soul|Film and Literature
End-of-Life|Ethics of Pain Management and Sedation
Ethical Issues in Diagnosis|Genetics|Imaging|Treatments
Confidentiality|Duty to Warn|Duty to Report|Iowa Statutes
Question the Expert:  Your Most Challenging Cases
and more . . . Tell us what you need!  We want to help.