Professional-At-Risk Care

These services combine our coaches’ consultative areas of expertise to evaluate or coach professionals who are at-risk for or engaging in ethical or interpersonal misconduct, or are attitudinally disengaged from their responsibilities.  While professionals are welcome to self-enroll, most referrals come from employers or organizations that are seeking a behavioral assessment and plan, or remediation, around professionalism concerns. Typical areas of difficulty include: reliability in meeting responsibilities, practicing self-improvement with a positive attitude, effective and respectful communication and conflict management with others, respecting boundaries and the roles of self and others, and practicing integrity, honesty, responsibility and emotional intelligence within a team environment or complex system. Professional-At-Risk services are particularly appropriate when successful behavioral professionalism in the work environment is the shared commitment of both the organization and the referred professional. 

We specialize in evaluating those in the helping professions, including health care, law, ministry, counseling, social work, education and higher education, and can be of help to any profession that prioritizes a humanistic and service mission.   Download Professional At Risk Brochure

Professional-At-Risk Services

Professional-At-Risk Evaluation: This evaluation is most appropriate for providing organizations or professionals with a thorough investigation and report of complex presenting behaviors in preparation for a strategic intervention. The process involves a full review of all provided concerns and documentation, two 90-120 minute interviews, a half-day of standardized personality, strengths and aptitude testing with expert interpretation, and a summary report of findings and recommendations. We limit the scope of these evaluations to our coaching specialization, helping organizations and professionals identify and understand the problematic attitudes and behavior. These are not medical fitness for duty evaluations, nor should they be considered an approximation or substitute for medical evaluations and care, although we often work alongside external medical providers when the behaviors are influenced by medical conditions and organizations need assistance in focusing on the behavioral impact in the workplace.  Fee Schedule:  $325/hour, plus a flat fee of $2000 for the administration and interpretation of personality and aptitude assessments customized to the presenting concern.  Download Description of Evaluation Process

Professional-At-Risk Remediation:  Professionals who have completed our At-Risk Evaluation, or who already have a clear and shared understanding of where they are ready for growth, positive change, and accountability in re-building professionalism, are eligible to enroll in our Advocacy Track Coaching. This service provides the highest quality executive and organizational coaching towards understanding and modifying disruptive behaviors, ethical misconduct, anger management, hostile workplace behaviors, disengagement, or other problems with professionalism that threaten success in organizations or status with boards and licensing bodies.  We draw upon our areas of expertise in ethics, professionalism, emotional intelligence, and communication to coach and teach these clients, including the option of incorporating Virtue Medicine’s specialty ethics and professionalism teaching modules.  Coaching is not the same as psychotherapy, although similar tools, active listening, and direct questions are used to support the professional towards the needed goals, growth, and change, without medical diagnoses. Fee Schedule:  To support committed change, our Advocacy Track clients have a mandatory enrollment in a starting contract period of 6 ($1000) or 12 ($1800) months, with an hourly coaching charge of $325/hour. We work with supervisors or supervisory bodies, within the limits of ethical standards of privacy in coaching, to help achieve and maintain the professional’s success in the workplace.

Administrative Consultations: Organizations that wish to explore how our Professionalism Programs might be best customized to their resources and needs are invited to make use of a single consultation package, which includes two 45-minute consultations and unlimited security-encrypted email for 60 days, for a fee of $495. We also offer open-ended consultation for organizations or departments who find our ongoing availability to be helpful to their leadership team, with discounts for yearly contracts. Corporate non-disclosure agreements are willingly signed if requested, and we follow the ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation for all of our organizational coaching work.

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