Virtue Medicine Professional-At-Risk Assessments

In this specialized service that combines our experts’ consultative and coaching expertise, in-depth assessments of professionals who are at-risk for or engaging in misconduct are provided to referring organizations that need to clarify the problem and identify strategies for risk management. Typical areas of difficulty include: reliability in meeting responsibilities, practicing self-improvement with a positive attitude, effective and respectful communication and conflict management with others, respecting boundaries and the roles of self and others, and practicing integrity, honesty, responsibility and emotional intelligence within a team environment or complex system.   

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Professional-At-Risk Assessments are particularly appropriate when success in the work environment is the shared commitment of both the organization and the referred professional. We specialize in evaluating those in the helping professions, including health care, law, ministry, counseling, social work, education and higher education, and can be of help to any profession that prioritizes a humanistic and service mission.  

Fee Schedule:   $325/hour, plus a flat fee of $2000 for the required aptitude and psychological assessments.  Total costs for this highly specialized evaluation are typically $4500-$7500, depending on the clarity of the organization’s documented concerns and consultative questions. **Organizations who are uncertain if the At-Risk Assessment is the right fit for their goal, or wish to explore how our Professionalism Programs might be best customized to their resources and needs, are invited to make use of our Administrative-Consultation Package, which includes two 45-minute consultations and unlimited security-encrypted email for 60 days, for a fee of $495.

We have follow-up Remediation Programs!  Personalized, professional coaching in ethics, character and conduct, communication, and emotional intelligence is available following an assessment, including an Ethics and Professionalism Curriculum and our specialized Advocacy Track Coaching. We work with our referring organizations and the professionals to help achieve and maintain success in the workplace. Corporate non-disclosure agreements are signed if requested, and we follow the ethical standards of the International Coaching Federation for all of our organizational coaching work.

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