Professionalism Programs

Comprehensive Professionalism Programs at Virtue Medicine

Professional and Specialty Coaching
Professional-At-Risk Evaluations and Coaching
Professionalism/Ethics Courses  *Distance Learning Available*
M&M Rounds 2.0:  Mindfulness and Meaning Training
Acute Distress Debriefing Groups
Wellness and Professional Flourishing Workshops

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About Our Experts

Dr. TanseyJaneta Tansey, M.D. Ph.D.  A physician with experience in academic, community, and private practice settings, an experienced and highly trained ethics consultant with a Ph.D. in value theory, and a Board-Certified Coach (TM) with specialty designation in Corporate-Executive-Leadership Coaching, Dr. Tansey is committed to facilitating authenticity and agency through compassionate self-awareness, insight and flourishing through excellence.  With a number of teaching and clinical care awards during 20+ years of practice, she brings her skills and experience to a rigorous process of discernment and reasoning, caring for moral distress and professionals-at-risk, facilitating creativity, leadership and growth, and supporting a clearer sense of professionalism as both theory and practice.

An Existential Approach to Professional Burnout, by Dr. Tansey

Dr. CartayaJoAnna Romero Cartaya, Ph.D.   Chair of the Iowa Psychological Association Ethics Committee and a serving member of the IPA’s Executive Council, Dr. Romero Cartaya is a licensed psychologist in counseling psychology with extensive training in psychological assessments.  She provides individualized and comprehensive evaluations for professionals, assessing areas of cognition, personality, strengths and aptitudes, as well as individual coaching towards insight, self-care and leadership.  She lectures on ethical issues that arise in the helping professions and has a long-standing commitment and expertise in the communication and relational issues that impact minority and disadvantaged populations, educational settings with trainees and supervisors, and building professional resilience and wellness.

Elizabeth S. Parks, Ph.D.  A scholar in qualitative and quantitative research in language and communication, Dr. Parks has a Ph.D. in Communication with a Certificate in Ethics from the University of Washington, and an M.A. in Deaf Studies/Cultural Studies from Gallaudet University. Passionate about the art and science of listening, Dr. Parks practices in the areas of culture and discourse methods, and is committed to cultivating interpersonal equity and efficacy. Her current research focuses on the ways in which diversity impacts perceptions and practices of active listening.  She is an experienced team-builder in higher education, non-profit organizations, and community-based settings, utilizing fieldwork, mentoring, lecturing and workshops, to facilitate emotional intelligence and excellence in communication.

Tamara Frembgen Kesner, Ph.D.  Our Administrator of Professionalism Programs, Dr. Kesner has a strongly humanistic and service-oriented career, with a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and many years of practice in science, quantitative reasoning and academic writing. She is highly experienced in working with professionals in higher education, and joined the Virtue Medicine team in 2015, bringing her unique skills and passions to our integrative and team-based approach.