Professional Coaching

Professional Coaching

In the process of many years of offering evaluations and assessments for professionals, we have found that there is a real interest in the philosophy and style of Professional Coaching that we offer at Virtue Medicine, which is NOT about quick-fixes, superficial change, gimmicky self-help or empty mission statements.


Our professional coaching is a confidential, introspective, compassionate and values-driven process that helps our clients accurately identify real strengths and vulnerabilities, discern core commitments, build deep awareness, and move towards their unique goals with purpose and tools for authentic change.

Ambitious?  Only in the loveliest way!

We are simply interested in human integrity, excellence and authenticity,
and our coaching clients are ready to explore this with insightful reflection,
specific goal-setting, and motivating action plans.

Our Professional Coaching focuses on effectiveness, values, growth and success in our clients’ lives, through exploring each individual’s unique and powerful forms of creativity, flourishing and happiness, including vocational and personal goals, skills, identity, and mission.  Clients often find our Aptitude Assessments to be powerful tools for insight, and our’ Professionalism Modules can help build knowledge and competencies. 

Corporate-Institutional:  Executive Coaching:  We do work directly with organizations who are providing coaching for their executives, leaders, and employees.  We specialize in helping improve clarity and alignment of values, towards humanism, excellence, and the highest standards of team and interdisciplinary respect and communication.  This introspective and skills-oriented process builds leadership, performance and a stronger expression of the professional mission.  Our corporate contracts often include our expert consultation and presentations in the areas of ethics, professionalism, communication, and values-based leadership strategies, followed by a period of intensive 1:1 assessments and coaching activities, to meet the organization’s identified needs and goals.

**Expert Consultative Coaching on the ADVOCACY TRACK**  Individual Coaching that our program director, Dr. Tansey, believes requires the consultative attention of the expert team as a whole is distinctive and designated our Advocacy Track Coaching.  These professional clients may be coming to us from the Professional-At-Risk Consultation Program at Virtue Medicine, or are individually enrolling in coaching to address disruptive behaviors, ethical misconduct, anger management, hostile workplace behaviors, co-existing mental health issues, or other problems that threaten their professional success in organizations or status with boards/licensure bodies.  We draw upon our areas of expertise in ethics, professionalism, mental health, and communication to coach these clients, with this gentle reminder:  we seek freedom from shame, while inviting courage, compassion, wisdom, and true growth. Advocacy Track clients have a mandatory enrollment in the Advocacy Track Aptitude Assessments, and must commit to a contract period of 2, 6 or 12 months, with an enrollment fee. Fee payments are sometimes sponsored by employers or organizations after an agreement upon coaching goals and benchmarks for progress, but in keeping with the ethical standards of coaching, the content of coaching sessions is highly confidential.

Professional Coaching Fees:  These vary from $200-$300 per hour, depending on provider and track. Aptitude psychological assessments are available for all coaching clients at an additional fee.
Advocacy Track Professional Coaching requires an enrollment commitment and fee, for a 2-month contract ($500), 6-month contract ($1000), or a 12-month contract ($1800), during which period, there are unlimited sessions to address the acute and high-risk needs of these clients at an hourly rate of $325.  Our specialized Aptitude Assessment is required for this track, with a one-time fee of $2000.
Corporate-Executive Coaching Fees:  Please contact us to speak directly to our Professionalism Administrator, Dr. Tamara Frembgen Kesner about your organization’s needs.  If there is an organizational commitment to supporting the alignment of executive strengths and values with the corporate mission and culture, we can help!  We are happy to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements as needed with our corporate clients.

Our Professional Coaching Program fully meets Virtue Medicine’s policies of privacy and confidentiality throughout the entirety of the referral and care process.  Coaching can be engaged remotely, although much of our coaching work is done on-site.  

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