Virtue Medicine Professional-At-Risk Consultations

In this specialized program, individual assessments are provided to referred professionals who are at-risk for or engaging in misconduct, and the sponsoring or referring organizations are seeking a consultative opinion to clarify the problem and identify strategies for risk management.  At-Risk assessments are particularly appropriate when greater success in the work environment is a shared commitment of both the referring entity and the individual professional. We specialize in evaluating those in the helping professions, including all health care fields, counseling, social work, ministry, education and higher education, but can be of help to other professions who share humanistic and service goals.  

Typical areas of difficulty include: reliability in meeting responsibilities, practicing self-improvement with a positive attitude, effective and respectful communication with others, respecting boundaries and the roles of self and others, and maintaining integrity, honesty, and competence within a team environment or complex system.  

Finding the Virtuous HeartAn initial evaluation occurs over multiple closely-spaced visits, and includes a thorough review of concerns from the referring entity, followed by intensive interviews with the professional, and a day of psychological and aptitude assessments.  We evaluate for fund of knowledge and reasoning skills in value-judgments, personality and communication strengths and vulnerabilities, co-morbid challenges that are impairing insight or conduct, and readiness for change. Additional medical sub-specialists may be recommended if there is evidence of severe impairment in fitness for duty due to mental health or substance abuse issues. A summary report is provided to both the professional and referral source.  Sensitive personal issues that are discovered in the process of the evaluation will not be disclosed to the referring entity unless judged by the coaches as both needed and relevant to understand the summary findings and recommendations.

Fee Schedule:     Printable Format–Professional-at-risk-consultations
$325/hour for the team-based consultation process, plus a flat fee of $2000 for the required Virtue Medicine Aptitude and Psychological Assessments. Total costs for the comprehensive evaluation typically are $4000-$7500, depending on the clarity of the referring entity’s questions and documentation of concerns, and the complexity of the assessment process and findings.

Follow-up remediation work in ethics, conduct and character can be offered as an intervention and support strategy following the initial consultation, shaped by the findings and the identified goals. Our professionalism curriculumcounseling for time management and organization, or focused training in communication skills, may be appropriate to address identified deficits.  Some professionals are appropriate for post-evaluation enrollment in our Professional Coaching Program.  We work with our referring entities and the professionals to help achieve and maintain success in the workplace.

Looking for Corporate and Executive Assistance on a larger scale?  We also work with organizations in our Professional Coaching program, with custom-designed coaching programs to effect system-wide alignment of skills with a values-based mission.  This is particularly appropriate when the leadership has identified that multiple members of their teams would benefit from values-based coaching towards excellence. Corporate and executive contracts are formed in direct consultation with Dr. Tansey, to ensure a good match of our expertise and availability with organizational needs.  Corporate non-disclosure agreements are willingly signed, to ensure privacy and confidentiality of the process.

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