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My First Tomato!

My First Tomato!


It’s a funny thing about blogs, but unless they’re at the top of the list, they’re definitely at the bottom.  Last posting, 2014! (oops).  When I had my web designer create a blog for me at the website, it was not set up for SEO power, but just as a little public place where I could share random thoughts, ideas, experiences, some of which I hoped would say something about flourishing and the good life.

Well, today, what I have to share about flourishing is my first tomato, pictured above. It’s not really my FIRST tomato, in that I was a 4-H kid in Nebraska and did enough gardening to take produce to the county fair for my rainbow of ribbons, blue-red-and white ones. And a couple of green ribbons too, and the rare purple.

But this is my first tomato as an adult, in which I spent a disproportionate amount of money on special little containers, chipmunk-be-gone spray, and finding the maximum-sunlight spot in my yard. And today–Ta Da (!) an adorable tomato. And so I wandered about to check out my other backyard miracles and . . . Ta Da (!) blueberries! OK, not ripe yet, but they’re in progress.

Green "Blue"berries

Green “Blue”berries

Lesson to self: The good life is about growing, about seeing other things grow, and about the joys of childhood, revisited as an adult (because whether or not we get a ribbon, there’s always that inner glow of satisfaction.)