Professionalism & Ethics

Comprehensive Professionalism Programs

lanternsOur team is highly trained with interdisciplinary expertise in professionalism and ethics.

We provide professional and executive coaching, individual evaluations for professionals-at-risk, ethics and communication courses, workshops and advanced seminars, and a variety of groups for supporting your community of professionals.  We light up virtuous habits of mind, heart, and dialogue, towards meeting the highest measures of care and excellence in service.

We happily collaborate with every profession that shares our commitments to authenticity, service, humanism, and excellence.


We specialize in the care of the Helping Professions: Health Care, Counseling and Psychotherapy,
Education and Higher Education,
Social Work, Ministry and Pastoral Care

Our Team of Experts
Virtue Medicine Professional Coaching
Ethics and Professionalism Courses and Visiting Lectures
Professional-At-Risk Program
Acute Distress Debriefing Groups
Wellness Workshops