Individual Coaching

Virtue Medicine Coaching, flexibly inclusive of both life-coaching and professional-coaching, is an optimistic, positive self-discovery process that explores each individual’s unique and powerful forms of creativity and flourishing, with insight-building questions and tools that identify strengths, discern core commitments, build deep awareness, and result in strategic, meaning-centered change.

Celebrating integrity, responsibility, excellence and authenticity,  our coaching clients are ready to explore human freedom with insightful reflection, goal-setting, and support for powerful growth and action.

While the profession of coaching does not require graduate education, our coaches bring their doctoral-level and interdisciplinary post-graduate training, expertise, and credentialing to meet, on an extraordinary level, the International Coaching Federation Core Competencies and Ethical Standards.

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Specialty Coaching Services

Reflection**Organizational and Executive Coaching**  We have experience and specialized training to work with executives, leaders, and organizational groups.  This skills-focused process builds leadership, performance and a stronger expression of the professional mission.  Our corporate contracts may include both Individual and Organizational Group Coaching,. 360-Degree Evaluations and Outcome Measurements, Aptitude Assessments, Leadership and Team Skills-Building, Emotional Intelligence Training, and Job-Shadowing are all available, and of particular help to executive and corporate clients.  We offer an initial consultation package of $495 for organizations, which includes two phone/in-person sessions plus unlimited email during a 2-month period to discuss how our coaching can help your executives and employees achieve meaningful growth.  Discounted pricing is offered when there is use of multiple services or yearly contracts.

**Advocacy Track Coaching**  These coaching clients may be coming to us from our Professional-At-Risk Evaluations, or have been accepted by direct admission to this service by Dr. Tansey, to directly coach towards understanding and modifying disruptive behaviors, ethical misconduct, anger management, hostile workplace behaviors, disengagement, or other problems with professionalism that threaten success in organizations or status with boards and licensing bodies.  We draw upon our areas of expertise in ethics, professionalism, emotional intelligence, and communication to coach and teach these clients, with this gentle reminder:  we seek freedom from shame, while inviting insight, courage, wisdom, and a true and lasting growth. To support committed change, our Advocacy Track clients have a mandatory enrollment in a starting contract period of 6 ($1000) or 12 ($1800) months, with an hourly coaching charge of $325/hour for these specialized services.

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