Bellinger Pain Clinic–What to Expect?

What to Expect at the Bellinger Pain Clinic

Dr. Bellinger uses intake forms that will be emailed to you in the week prior to the consultation. Please set aside 60-90 minutes BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT to record your individual information, which can be sent directly to Dr. Bellinger using her secure electronic portal. The initial consultation fee includes Dr. Bellinger’s time and attention to your health care history, as she thoroughly reviews your provided information before the initial meeting.

The initial consultation will include further questions about medical history and lifestyle factors. A complete physical exam will be done and imaging studies might be reviewed if available. Dr. Bellinger focuses on identifying and addressing the root causes of your chronic disease, from a Functional and Integrative Medicine perspective. In collaboration with her, you will establish goals and create together an individualized care plan for optimizing your health. The care plan will focus on maximizing an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that includes suggestions about food, movement, sleep, and stress reduction. Lab tests may be ordered.

Please do not expect to have medications prescribed.
The medical goal of this clinic is not to add more medications, but reduce toxic load.

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After the initial consultation, you will receive a summary of the visit with diagnostic codes that you will be able to submit to your insurance, if you are planning to request reimbursement from your insurance provider. Additionally you will receive handouts to guide you through the following weeks to implement the personalized changes that were recommended for your care plan.

Follow up with Dr. Bellinger is offered 2-4 weeks after the first appointment.  Dr. Bellinger is very pleased to collaborate with other medical providers to help optimize treatment strategy.