Bellinger Pain Clinic

The Bellinger Pain Clinic

Imagine being “at home” in your body, like a comfortable seat, or a soft rug under your feet. Come explore that feeling in a life of well-being and optimized health.

Anke Bellinger, M.D. is board certified in Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine, and brings an experienced approach to uncovering the root causes of chronic pain conditions, for more effective and lasting pain relief.   Her integrative medical evaluation includes a thorough medical examination, review of all medications for possible complications or lack of effectiveness, and a customized, whole-person treatment plan.  Her highly effective treatment strategies may include the prescribing of non-opioid medications or supplements, functional medicine assessments and interventions, gentle and effective procedures such as medical acupuncture, frequency specific microcurrent, or hypnosis, and exploration of mind-body causes for persistent pain.  Ongoing care with Dr. Bellinger is an investment in returning to a joyful, comfortable life.

Dr. Bellinger uses HIPAA-compliant electronic healthcare record, which also meets the full privacy practices at Virtue Medicine.

Fee Schedule

$460  –  Our Recommended Starting Point and Best-Value:  90-minute Medical Evaluation and two 45-minute follow-up appointments
  –  90-minute Initial Medical Evaluation
  –  75-minute Medical Return Appointment with Procedure of Acupuncture or Hypnosis
$120  –  45-minute Medical Return Appointment
$120  –  60 minute Acupuncture or Hypnosis, First Treatment
$80  –  45 minute Acupuncture or Hypnosis Follow-up
$50  –  Frequency Specific Microcurrent Treatment
$40/15 minutes  –  Paperwork, phone/emails for established patients–minimum $25 charge





Clinic Scheduling

Phone: 319-338-5190
Reception Hours
9:00am to 5:00pm

Thursdays and Fridays
8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Alternating Saturdays,
8:00 am to noon