Bell (2)VIRTUE MEDICINE STUDIO and CLINICS for     Mind-Body Medicine and the Contemplative Arts
A contemplative and healing community in downtown Iowa City, where scholars, clinicians, and artists–both visiting and in residence– practice side-by-side to address disease management and whole-person health, integrating wisdom and evidence-based practices.Wisdom Meditation
Currently in residence:
Janeta Tansey, MD, PhD — Licensed and Board-Certified Physician, practicing in Integrative Psychiatry, Ethics and Professional Care and Coaching
Meg Eginton, RSME-T, MFA — Certified Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist, practicing alignment and ease in rest or motion

JoAnna Romero Cartaya, PhD — Licensed Psychologist and Health Service Provider, practicing in Humanistic and Behavioral Psychology

Nurturing the virtues of heart, mind, body, and spirit supports healing and humanity.   Join us!  You are very welcome here.

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